was featured in early march by uk art website culture and life on my photo-series "lost but easily found". this is the series' second appearance on a larger-scale internet presence, and i am forever thankful! their small blurb was encouraging and really interesting as i am led to see how other viewers perceive my work (many, many "eve in the garden of eden" references). thanks, culture and life!

"New Jersey-based photographer, Vivian Loh showcases 'a reflection on the human's naked form being a source of beauty and shame' with a series of shots entitled 'Lost But Easily Found.' Modeled by Alex Jones, Loh brings to life her own version of Eve wandering around a forestry Eden in her most down-to-earth form. Stunningly capturing the beauty of model and setting, Loh's series is a masterclass in presenting the naked female form and understated sensuality."

get back to this series' in it's most original form--- my website!
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