Friday, August 22, 2014

shopping: things i didn't know i needed

school's around the corner, and i'm here to make that transition just a little bit easier!
all these products, while well-integrated into my daily life rituals, are items that i've only picked up in the last year or so. they've changed my life, so now i'm here hopefully change yours!
have recommendations of your own? let me know below!

things i didn't know i needed

here's a shout-out to all my naturally oily-haired ladies! while resisting the temptation to wash our hair daily is harder than hard, lush drastically changed the way i did it. am i still washing my hair daily? yes, there's not escaping it, but i am using less product and couldn't be happier.
since i began using "i love juicy" last year, i've seen dramatic change in how quickly my hair turns oily at the end of a busy day. "veganese"'s formula is also so incredibly light, that applying it to the lower half of my hair (away from the roots) has maintained a great softness that doesn't weigh down my hair.

growing up my mom put vaseline on my lips. then i switched to chapstick. then nivea. then burt's bees. then eos. no drugstore brand was working for me, and i didn't (and still don't) have the money for higher end products like bioderma or fresh sugar. then along came maybelline...
"baby lips" is affordable, spf-infused, and hydrating! my number of reapplications definitely depends on the day (am i in a cold, dry room? or am i biting my lip more often today?), but i cannot deny the fact that these guys make my lips look and feel great! i also love the fact that this specific tube is unflavored and unscented.

it's okay to cheat on your morning or nightly face washing routine... sometimes. and when i do, i use facial wipes! eek! though there are so many brands to choose from, i chose to go with burt's bees because it advertised itself as a product for sensitive-skin users. (if i'm wiping down my face versus a good ol' wash, i definitely don't want any super-harsh ingredients getting in contact with my skin while i'm on the go.)
they make my skin tingle a little after application, which i can't decide is a good thing or a bad thing, but these guys are particularly great because they don't leave behind any sticky residue. the plastic closure on this packet also ensures your towelettes aren't drying out while you're running around!

in the past, i'd have to use two or three hairbands to secure my hair bun(s) and then stuff another bobby pin in them to hold them still. i'm now able to use only one spin pin per bun (for some street fighter chung li looks), or intersect two in my single larger hair bun. i almost never get headaches from my hair anymore, and i can go hairband free!
these guys might look confusing to use, but i promise they're not– they're just like screws that you twist into your hair! if this isn't a life hack for long haired girls, i don't know what is!

i had a phase in freshman year where my eyebrows were so overdrawn, my friends compared me to rock lee from naruto. yeah.
safe to say, i've gone through many changes and now at my senior year, have adapted myself to using anastasia's brow pen. this is my holy grail of eyebrow fillers. the liquid isn't too heavily pigmented, so i can really control how much is being layered onto my brows, and the finish is always natural. the liquid isn't smudge proof, but definitely has an impressive hold on the skin that lasts almost the entire day!

sally hansen "now brow" eyebrow-trimming scissors & hair scissors

i've been plucking my own eyebrows since i was 16. have i over-plucked? have i forgotten to pluck? oh yeah, you bet, but through all the trial and error i'd like to believe i've now found my happy medium. this happy medium includes trimming! using sally hansen's angled eyebrow scissors, i've been able to be extremely precise when i trim as well as avoid accidentally cutting myself! i want to say "you've got to try it to believe it!" but i think these guys have been discontinued! if anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let me know... signed, one desperate eyebrow enthusiast.

also, hair scissors! i'd never known the importance of actually using a pair designed for cutting hair until last year. up until then i routinely cut my own bangs with any pair of scissors that i could find laying around the house. this left a lot up to chance, and one too many months growing out some way-too-short bangs. the blades on hair scissors are made to cut hair! it's that simple! which might also be the reason i never thought to buy any. what one pair can do, so can another, right? very, very wrong. if you've got bangs, i'd highly recommend getting a pair! one purchase will save many months of misery!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

outfit of the day

my new york city summer ended as quickly as it began, and here i am: back in the suburbs taking selfies. this outfit came together so naturally, but it also feels so unlike me. this summer i spent so much time in sportswear and sneakers, i think i momentarily forgot what it's like to dress with a bit more feminine flair. (maybe some of you would argue this is more pajama-wear/too oversized to be truly feminine.)
these shorts were a golden find out in williamsburg last week when i was shopping with susan and katie. they fit like a glove, and the length is absolutely perfect! i hope to get another couple wears out of them before summer is gone for good!

what i wore
forever21 boxy white tee
vintage high-waisted white linen shorts
ria menorca slip-on sandals

(photos by katie han)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

outfit of the day: warby parker + vivian loh

warby parker + vivian loh

earlier in june, i was invited by warby parker to come play dress up in their new summer frames.
giving their website a good ol' peruse, i picked out my favorites and had them sent to me via warby's amazingly convenient home try-on program.
5 frames for 5 days? count me in!

in descending order:
raglan in "revolver black"
haskell in "burnt lemon tortoise"
banks in "sea smoke tortoise"
upton in "sea smoke tortoise"
duval in "blue slate fade"

immediately i was drawn to their banks sunglasses in "sea smoke tortoise".
i love the way light passes through them, as well as their oversized-yet-boxy shape. the frame's contrasting colors truly remind me of being by the ocean (though i'm hardly a water person), sending out the perfect summertime vibes!
after taking these bad boys out for a spin in brooklyn, i would definitely call these my sunglasses of the summer.

what i wore
pixie market "really" white mesh-grid top
teva "mush" sandals

(special thanks to susan ryu, my photo-assistant for the day!)

Friday, June 6, 2014

life: nyc


just an update on my whereabouts and activities.
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Friday, May 30, 2014

shopping: the much anticipated

when i first heard earlier this year that european brand (and h&m sister-store) cos was coming to town (aka the u.s.) i was busily scouring the internet asking, "when? when? when?" the answer is now, now, now.
the brand had long earned it's reputation for offering clean-cut, modern, and ultimately simple garment designs. while i cannot personally vouch for quality, from product descriptions and other shoppers' testimonies, i believe what cos is offering is unparalleled and very much worth the hype in the mainstream fashion e-commerce world.
on a weekend trip home from the city, i took the time to browse the cos site's entire women's section and picked out my favorite items. currently cos is offering a 25% off discount to it's new u.s. shoppers and free shipping until june 30, 2014! happy shopping!

cos: collection of style

minimalist in design with an emphasis on practicality, i was immediately drawn to this parka. the large rectangular pockets totally stand out in this garment, and definitely remind the wearer of it's use. i feel like i could go purse-less with this parka on! the oversized quality to it's upper body and arm holes also lead me to believe layering would not be an issue during the cooler months. whenever i consider purchasing a jacket or coat, it's ability to transition into multiple seasons of wear is super important! this parka checks off all the necessary qualities that makes a great coat. i may just have to pick up one of my own!

peplum has had it's time to shine, but needs to make way for cos's perfectly effortless, deconstructed version. what was undeniably one of fashion's most worn silhouettes in the past two years has been reborn by cos and altered in all the right places. the seamless transition from structured fit into flowing a-line is the absolute embodiment of relaxation and comfort. all in all, a very family event-friendly top that also allows legs in skinny pants and jeans to look extra flattering!

the number one most difficult article of clothing for me to buy from most clothing retailers has to be the romper. i love the idea of having an entire outfit wrapped up in one no-fuss item, but rompers have become akin to the hotshort variety. shorts with inseams that seem less than one inch long and too many cut-outs to count, are for me, an absolute no-no. cos has undoubtedly answered my prayers with this little black number that is both roomy but also chic in design.

backpacks are always seeing a lot of changes, whether it be from design, to materials, or branding. what cos is bringing to the table with this backpack is a simple grid-patterned textile combined with the most simplest silhouette. no exterior pockets, no problem! needless to say, i'm in love.

honestly i've just been lusting after a pair of flats like these. i love the cut, the lack of adornments, the wearability--- everything about these style of shoes! in short, gimme!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

closet raid: my summer essentials

life update alert!
beginning may 19 and for the next 2-3 months thereafter i will be interning for pixie market and nylon magazine! two internships in the city can only mean one thing: living in the city! i can't wait to experience new york this summer (minus the heat), and hope this adventure will give me the opportunity to exercise my creativity and inspire me to blog more.
here's what i've been collecting as i prepare for my summer!

summer 2k14 looks

(left: monki grid-patterned top, american apparel "lolita" mini skirt / right: urban outfitters men's mesh "seven deadly sins" tee)

i'm a huge lover of the grid pattern which has slowly been on the rise in mainstream/affordable fashion. i know the industry talks a lot about clashing patterns, but i thought i'd put my own twist on it: mismatching two different takes of the same pattern. i love the result! matching sets have become a fashion staple this past year. i'm 100% supportive of this trend and how easy it is to look stylishly put-together. there is nothing more important than ease and practicality when it comes to summer-dressing!

talking about ease and practicality, the oversized tee-turned-shirt-dress is another summer essential i stand by. i love most of my clothes to be a bit on the roomier side, and have found myself eyeing a lot of men's t-shirts and tops to turn into dresses. throw on a pair of cycling shorts underneath to complete the look, and you're good to go.

(monki crop zip jacket)

summer nights can still draw a bit of a chill, so i always have one particular jacket ready for those nights out. right now my favorite is a recent purchase, this fluffy bomber by monki. it's extremely lightweight and on the thin side, a perfect spring and summer jacket despite it's rather voluminous appearance.

(left: ebay plain football jersey and adidas shorts / right: creepyyeha "lady luck" choker)

looking super sweaty is a bit of a self-conscious point of mine. on the most hottest of days, i usually opt for pure and simple sportswear. clothing that are made to take the heat and your sweat! (and no, "sportswear-inspired" clothing doesn't count.)

i hardly ever accessorize my outfits, and in the summer, even less so. when i do buy new jewelry, it's always a stand-out piece that does all the talking. this choker by creepyyeha is an absolute dream come true!

(all photos taken by myself)

Friday, May 9, 2014

shopping + trending: summer graphics

summer always has a way of altering my sense of style. this summer i predict athletic wear and prints that pack a punch! while still in the same vein as my overall aesthetic, i think i'm ready to bring in some color to my wardrobe via cool graphics.
the online store i want to highlight for this blog post is print all over me, a shop that allows it's members to upload images and create their own t-shirt/button-down/track-pant/bomber jacket designs. the internet is overflowing with custom-printed apparel companies but what separates print all over me from the rest is it's users. heavy use of collaging and photoshop imagery dominate the store's inventory, which couldn't have made window-shopping more exciting or surprising!

print all over me + graphic prints

robert piqueras x paom "start" shift dress

robert piqueras x paom "masc" shift dress

robert piqueras x paom "off license" shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom pink and purple graphic shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom multicolored shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom cool toned shift dress

nathalie chikhi collection

my miscellaneous picks

nathalie chikhi "beyond the grid" tee / the project chinese text tee

24851513 "splats" tee / idle amusement "patterns galore" tee


a paom designer "landmark net" tee / sac41 "white marble" tee