while i've been slowly transforming my summer wardrobe into a consistent stream of "white and sporty," i wasn't necessarily seeing stores pick up on the same trend. at least, not until now. asos proves they're one to beat with their most recent online-magazine spread "white noise." it also links each and every item of clothing back to their store. talk about clever marketing!
check out the rest of the magazine here.

my favorites from asos this week make me want to spend all my summer job's salary right now!(!!!!!)

(shop left-to-right: the ragged priest hooded top with mesh sleeve and mirror plate / illustrated people "egyptian eye" print crop top and mini skirt / won hundred "josie" oversized denim jacket)

 (shop left-to-right: asos "ovoid" textured shorts / asos linen peg pants / lavish alice pencil skirt with panelled mesh insert)

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