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now that junior year of college is well beyond it's half-way point, i thought i'd dedicate a blog post to all the shows that got me through this difficult year. i've done my fair share of late nights and all-nighters. whether it's something to watch while i work, or watch on my days off, these shows are the ones i look forward to most.
*special shout-out to my buddy peter for introducing me to the following k-dramas! you changed my life!

korean dramas

my love from another star: easily my second-favorite k-drama of all time (first being coffee prince), simply because i haven't watched k-dramas since high school. don't be fooled though, this show was what got me back into k-dramas so that's saying a lot. my love from another star brings together two well-dressed, ridiculously attractive main actors that live out an impossible romance between alien and woman. lots of over-the-top luxuries, and some quirky humor that'll make you forget about your real life troubles. i mean, what's harder than falling in love with an alien?

let's eat: another k-drama favorite that hits home for me, because it's all. about. food. with two to five minute shots of various characters enjoying a delicious meal (from korean fried chicken *not the same as american fried chicken* to five-star sushi restaurants), there's a 99% chance of you walking away hungry. i most enjoyed watching this while on a quick lunch break or a meal spent at home. each character in this drama has such a distinct personality, their varying interactions with each other have made me laugh out loud. not your usual romantic comedy, i'd give it a try if you're just testing the waters of korean dramas.


pewdiepie: i loved video games growing up, and while i'm not an avid player anymore, i still really appreciate them! all of pewdiepie's playthroughs of story-based games have given me hours of entertainment. i love an intense storyline, especially if they're accompanied by some kick-ass graphics. all of the above accomplish my personal requirements for some fun gameplay. pewdiepie is a great gamer to watch and listen to; his high-energy banter combined with his amazing swedish accent only adds to the games he plays. his honesty and blatant way of speaking makes any heart-wrenching game like the last of us even more of an emotional experience, and makes horror games like outlast a much more watchable one!

american television shows

archer: i shouldn't even have to introduce this show. archer is one of my favorite american tv shows, next to other animated comedies like american dad, the simpsons, and family guy. i loved that they did an episode with bob's burgers, which leads me to the next show on my list...

bob's burgers: an amazing animated comedy that's equal parts sweet, as it is awkward, and family-friendly fun. the characters in bob's burgers are stand-out originals that have won over a lot of hearts. i'm positive tina's awkwardness will live on in tv history forever ("uuuuuuuhhhhhhh"). this show made me get hulu plus, waiting on my hands and knees for new episode releases!


kill la kill: there's no good way of describing this anime without sounding like a total dork. there are the gravity-defying jumps, lightning-speed foot-chases, insane sword-fighting combos, and of course, sexy girls with their boobs practically out. anime, am i right? kill la kill is fast-paced and fun; definitely more of a show you don't have to place any emotional investment into. every other second is action-packed and brings me back to my anime-obsessed middle school days. while i'm not too big on the over-sexualized nature of this show, it got me through some tough weeks, i'm not gonna lie.
*shout out to jessia for introducing me to this crazy series!

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