i just have to talk about model-of-the-moment and my personal model-crush, chiharu okunugi. she's graced so many designer runways (both big and small names, though if you want to talk big, how's balenciaga, marc jacobs, rodarte, and proenza schouler sound? and that's not all!) over the past two seasons alone, i can't believe she isn't more hyped up than she currently is.
chiharu emerged in late 2012, after being stopped on the street as she was heading to high school. yes, this lovely girl is only 20 years old! (only a year older than me, and i desperately want to think we could be friends if we ever met.) while born and raised in japan, since her discovery chiharu's been signed to four different agencies in paris, milan, new york city, and london. i think it's safe to say she's been doing quite a bit of overseas traveling. her profile on is also up-to-date, which makes me want to think that her up-and-comingness isn't just short-term. needless to say, i am all about chiharu okunugi!

(photos from tumblr)

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