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 as i was shopping around the web looking for new things to post on hey,hey!gorgeous (where if you'll remember, i am interning at as a virtual buyer), i returned to ln-cc, a lovely british site that caters to the absolute minimalist dresser. i hadn't shopped there in a while, as i never really do shop-shop there, (let's just say their items are simply out of my price range) but i thought i'd take a gander at their latest. ln-cc offers a collection of items that have clearly been hand-picked with a certain aesthetic in mind. it's comforting in a way, because you know if you wanted to, you could buy whole outfits that look so put-together, cohesive, and well, minimalist. while that's not always the "cool" thing to do in fashion, i'll pretend i didn't notice...
ln-cc has been particularly supportive of the designer yang li. with consistently oversized fits, a dark color palette, and clean unadorned fabrics, yang li's designs whisper rather than scream, "come be a big shapeless blob with me!" let's just say i'll be a big shapeless blob any day.
(and on a last note, maison martin margiela spring/summer 2013 inspiration anyone?)

(maison martin margiela spring/summer 2013)

of course, all this had to translate into an outfit of my own! i haven't reached maximum blob level yet, but i'd like to think i can one day...

 (what i wore: hanes basic black crewneck sweatshirt, american apparel black easy jeans, jeffrey campbell mayview sandals/left photo by jessie dickey)

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