not at all an active kind of girl (my arms are as strong as noodles), this adidas by stella mccartney collection has me rethinking my priorities. i know, i know, clothes shouldn't be my drive to work out, but what if i told you i can't help it? i see these sporty pieces easily transitioning beyond exercise and into daily life, which makes me want them all the more (though i can't and won't impulse purchase!). if it's by adidas, it's going to be comfortable. if it's by stella mccartney, it's going to be beautiful. i see this collaboration only as a win-win and can't wait for it to start circulating among pro-athletes. they'll do 'em justice, while i just remain on my computer in my bedroom blogging about them...

now these are only 10 out of the whopping 31 images presented in the lookbook, so please go check out the rest!

shop the collection!

here were my favorite picks:

(shop: adidas by stella mccartney run performance tank / essentials sports bra)

(shop: adidas by stella mccartney studio image printed parka / essentials studded sweatshirt)

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