it was truly an honor to be featured on juxtapoz magazine's website last wednesday. didn't find out until today when one of my best friends told me about it, actually! they were featuring my photo-series, "lost but easily found" which can be viewed in completion here. they were also much too kind in their little blurb about my work.

"Vivian Loh describes her photos as 'a reflection on the human's naked form being a source of beauty and shame.' These photos are intensely honest, presenting the body as the ultimate and undeniable human expressor. Loh's def handling of light and color articulate an innate relationship between the model and her environment, bringing to mind the perennial imagery of Eve and her walk through Eden."

juxtapoz has featured many other impressive artists including joanna krotka, ron mueck, and many more (whom i certainly do not dare compare myself with!). take a look at their website's homepage if you're hungry for more.

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