pearl girl magazine issue #1 is here!

i am so pleased to be able to share with everyone the official release of the magazine jessia ma and i have been working on for the past year: pearl girl magazine! pearl is all about giving a voice to the asian-american girl, and our first issue, "cherry", explores the ideas of growing up, beauty, love, and sexuality. not to mention, it is *free* to read online! we hope you enjoy what you see, share with all your friends, and even donate to support our next issue if you're super into it!


  1. Vivian, this is brilliant. I have been showing this to everyone I know. Everyone featured in it is amazing, and you and your creative partner are especially talented for having put together such a stunning magazine!

  2. Congratulations!!! Pls make a fb page so it's easier to follow up xx

    1. hi sydney (: thank you so much (:
      you can find us on facebook here: