my favorites: choker edition

a while back, i created a post about my lipstick collection.
i thought it was so fun rounding up my favorites, i would do it again– only this time with something different!

if i plan to accessorize for an outfit, it's always an all-out affair.
below are my four favorite chokers of all time + some shopping options for you!

this choker comes from creepyyeha's latest collection quiet, we are dreaming (which i shot the lookbook for). it goes with anything in my wardrobe and always gets me compliments when i wear it out!

or try one of these:

maison martin margiela x h&m keyring necklace

remember when margiela's collection with h&m came around? i certainly do! i was obsessed with this necklace and was lucky enough to find it in stores at a discounted price long after the collection's release! i don't get as many compliments as i get strange looks... but i'm fine with looking like i'm wearing a giant keychain.

or try one of these:

my first creepyyeha purchase that made me fall in love with her work! i love wearing this over a turtleneck.

or try one of these:

forever21 gold choker

a classic choker style, very cleopatra-esque, and great to wear under collared shirts too! i've had this for about four years now, and it was my most-worn piece up until recently.

or try one of these:

(designsix super sleek choker / forever21 smooth hinge choker / baublebar gold fishhook choker)

(shout out to jenn hynson, this blog's super official photo assistant!)


  1. Hey, would you maybe sell the Maison Martin Necklace ? Search it so long :'(
    Best regards, Tessa

    1. sorry, i missed this comment! please e-mail me at: !

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