i feel like lately i've been trend-chasing too much; often the double-edged sword that comes with following fashion's seasons. the "new" become the only thing you crave, and you gladly sacrifice your individuality for the comfort of conformity. the conformity is wonderful: the clothes are fresh off the runway, models are redefining the meaning of "off duty", and the editorials are beautifully photographed. it all seems okay.
yet, whenever my tumblr feed is interrupted by a street style snapshot of a japanese boy or girl (from, a tribute to the original drop tokyo site) i am often caught off-guard. to be short: japan don't give no fucks. and while i continue to be in love with this or that about the fashion industry's latest, i also long to dress like these japanese ladies whom have the clearest sense of individuality i've ever seen.

japanese street style: the anti-trend

(all photos from drop tokyo)

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