shopping: my first perfume!

my whole life up till now, i'd been settling for bath & body works body sprays or scented lotions from l'occitane to be a part of my morning prep routines. naturally, the smell never lasted. to satisfy my fragrant desires, i finally caved in and headed over to sephora to pick out a perfume for the first time!
after many test sprays, i finally had my choice:

flora by gucci

a bit picky when it comes to smells, i chose to purchase flora by gucci in it's smallest bottle, just to give it a test run before i really invest in it's larger sizes. not to mention it's packaging is killer cute! i always thought i would be a marc jacobs girl (who can deny the sweetness of dot?), but gucci has my heart and my nose!
what fragrance is your favorite?

1 comment:

  1. Good choice to go with a smaller bottle, a bottle of perfume can last a while and over time the chemistry of the scent starts to age and won't smell the same.
    My every day scent would be Light Blue by D&G, or Eau Fraiche by Molton Brown. For formal events I go with Guilty by Gucci. And for easy, sleazy nights where I want to swag and bag, I go with Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch.