shopping: the much anticipated

when i first heard earlier this year that european brand (and h&m sister-store) cos was coming to town (aka the u.s.) i was busily scouring the internet asking, "when? when? when?" the answer is now, now, now.
the brand had long earned it's reputation for offering clean-cut, modern, and ultimately simple garment designs. while i cannot personally vouch for quality, from product descriptions and other shoppers' testimonies, i believe what cos is offering is unparalleled and very much worth the hype in the mainstream fashion e-commerce world.
on a weekend trip home from the city, i took the time to browse the cos site's entire women's section and picked out my favorite items. currently cos is offering a 25% off discount to it's new u.s. shoppers and free shipping until june 30, 2014! happy shopping!

cos: collection of style

minimalist in design with an emphasis on practicality, i was immediately drawn to this parka. the large rectangular pockets totally stand out in this garment, and definitely remind the wearer of it's use. i feel like i could go purse-less with this parka on! the oversized quality to it's upper body and arm holes also lead me to believe layering would not be an issue during the cooler months. whenever i consider purchasing a jacket or coat, it's ability to transition into multiple seasons of wear is super important! this parka checks off all the necessary qualities that makes a great coat. i may just have to pick up one of my own!

peplum has had it's time to shine, but needs to make way for cos's perfectly effortless, deconstructed version. what was undeniably one of fashion's most worn silhouettes in the past two years has been reborn by cos and altered in all the right places. the seamless transition from structured fit into flowing a-line is the absolute embodiment of relaxation and comfort. all in all, a very family event-friendly top that also allows legs in skinny pants and jeans to look extra flattering!

the number one most difficult article of clothing for me to buy from most clothing retailers has to be the romper. i love the idea of having an entire outfit wrapped up in one no-fuss item, but rompers have become akin to the hotshort variety. shorts with inseams that seem less than one inch long and too many cut-outs to count, are for me, an absolute no-no. cos has undoubtedly answered my prayers with this little black number that is both roomy but also chic in design.

backpacks are always seeing a lot of changes, whether it be from design, to materials, or branding. what cos is bringing to the table with this backpack is a simple grid-patterned textile combined with the most simplest silhouette. no exterior pockets, no problem! needless to say, i'm in love.

honestly i've just been lusting after a pair of flats like these. i love the cut, the lack of adornments, the wearability--- everything about these style of shoes! in short, gimme!