shopping + trending: summer graphics

summer always has a way of altering my sense of style. this summer i predict athletic wear and prints that pack a punch! while still in the same vein as my overall aesthetic, i think i'm ready to bring in some color to my wardrobe via cool graphics.
the online store i want to highlight for this blog post is print all over me, a shop that allows it's members to upload images and create their own t-shirt/button-down/track-pant/bomber jacket designs. the internet is overflowing with custom-printed apparel companies but what separates print all over me from the rest is it's users. heavy use of collaging and photoshop imagery dominate the store's inventory, which couldn't have made window-shopping more exciting or surprising!

print all over me + graphic prints

robert piqueras x paom "start" shift dress

robert piqueras x paom "masc" shift dress

robert piqueras x paom "off license" shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom pink and purple graphic shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom multicolored shift dress

nathalie chikhi x paom cool toned shift dress

nathalie chikhi collection

my miscellaneous picks

nathalie chikhi "beyond the grid" tee / the project chinese text tee

24851513 "splats" tee / idle amusement "patterns galore" tee


a paom designer "landmark net" tee / sac41 "white marble" tee

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