at long last i am finally blogging about my photo-collaboration with daphne taranto with our end results! the last time i teased you guys with a small preview post was way back in october. then, we'd only done the first half of the shoot inside daphne's stunning apartment. another week later, we shot outdoors at a well-known park a ways out from campus. that's where my personal series "lost but easily found" was born. today i'm blogging about our final product as daphne just presented her half in the gfa (general fine arts major) show at school yesterday afternoon. there were many talented and obviously well-executed works in the show and it was a pleasure to attend, though daphne's piece had a certain glow to it (literally!)...
i chose to present our collaboration in a short series of comparative diptychs (also viewable on my website), while daphne printed two images onto transparency paper and laid them one atop the other over a light box for a very strange effect.

everything i have is all i've got

model: alex jones

"a look into the inherent qualities of modern day humans and the nature that they no longer associate themselves with, 'everything i have is all i've got' seeks to compare both the man-made world and naturally formed world: how humans effect and are affected by both in different ways, and why true nature can no longer be our nature of existence"


  1. This shoot is absolutely beautiful. I am in aw. The pictures alone are stunning but the precision in matching the poses is impressive especially when shown on the light box.

    Love it.

    1. leone, you are lovely. thank you for the thoughtful comment!!! i'll pass along the message to daphne!