hey, hey! gorgeous

i thought i'd fill everyone in on my current internship with the website, hey, hey! gorgeous.
recommended to me by one of my close friends, katie (whom is also interning at hhg), i have since been hired as a virtual buyer for the website.
what hhg is doing is basically combining the effectiveness of a personalized shopper with an easy-to-view tumblr-esque format. it's very appealing to shop on hhg, especially if you have favorite users whom curate their own lists of favorite items...
which can be me!
hhg is also all about covering current runway seasons, the current season's trends, and other fashion, hair, and makeup inspiration photos, so our viewers know why we post what we do!
please check out the work i'm doing over at hey, hey! gorgeous for shopping's sake! i am enjoying taking on the task of scouring the web for exciting purchases, only to bring them to a wider audience than this blog could ever garner.
don't forget to create your own account and start doing the same!

*sneak peek*

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