outfit of the day

whenever alex and i hang out, it's always pretty spontaneous. this time was no exception, as she wrote to me on facebook, "i'm coming over in 20 minutes." we talked about her first semester at college, how she would re-do her high school experience ("if i'd known actually not caring would've still let me get away with my grades, i would do it all over again!"), and how i am never setting foot in our high school again ("ew, gross!"). we also took the time to greet each other's families and wish them a happy new year. our final stop was made to coldstone, enjoying ice cream in winter, as well as laughing at the fact that we were the only customers there.

(what i wore: "scarlet empress" lipstick by nars, oxblood faux fur coat by express, maroon jumpsuit by asos, maroon suede and black leather platform oxfords by dv8 from alex's closet/photo of me taken by alex)

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