over the weekend, my roommate izzy and i got together to photograph her first semester fibers (or "fashion design") garments for her portfolio. her class assignment was to create a complete outfit that she could effectively wear herself. thus soft pink silk and deep maroon wool were bought and constructed into the top and trousers she now wears. (also, let us not forget the gold and maroon thread used for the embroidered cherubs which adorn either side of her shirt!) i have a lot of respect for izzy as a designer, her infinite knowledge of the craft and of course, her impeccable taste. we had a great time shooting despite thoroughly freezing our asses off and being blatantly laughed at by the neighborhood folk hanging out on street corners or going out to their cars. admittedly, we do live on the edge of what becomes a rather rough part of baltimore, but what a wonderful surprise it was to find a lone bonsai tree amidst the run-down park behind our house!

izabelle garcia (a lookbook)

clothing by izabelle garcia, as modeled by her

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