(above, left to right: myself, jessie, sofi, and daphne; skylar behind the camera.

left, lower: grimes initially getting on stage.

photos taken by a new friend, sofi, on her disposable.)

felt the need to backtrack to sept. 28 when i saw grimes live at this little show space in baltimore called the coward shoe. the crowd was less than 200, sometimes we could breathe, sometimes we couldn't. the music was way too loud, but the crowd's energy was amazing, contagious and the one-and-a-half hour wait for grimes to come on stage was well worth it, despite all of us desperately dehydrated and on the verge of fainting from dancing too hard. i just always want to remember this time when my concert virginity was stolen and i sweated more than any exercise has ever made me (that should really tell you something about me right there...)!

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