this vs. that

 as winter quickly approaches, i'm left winter boot-less and in a hurry to buy a pair!
i've narrowed down my choices to:

a) doc marten 2976 "chelsea" boot in smooth black
(i love doc martens for their durability, and these would seem the obvious choice, but the process for me to break them in is hell. my feet are wimpy and have 0 tolerance for pain! is it worth it?)

b) cheap monday form boot with platform in black
(i love the unusual platform on these guys, and normally i'd snatch these up without a second thought, but i'm trying to be realistic--- would these help me through the winter snow and ice? do i care?)

c) asos arielle chisel-toed boot in black
(haven't come across a square-toed boot that i enjoyed until now. on the contrary, i think that's what makes this pair really stand out. not to mention the price, which is exponentially cheaper than the other two options.)

all are black, all are leather, all are boots! at least i know what my type is... ha ha. but i have no idea which pair to choose!
which would you pick?

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