today my friends daphne, alex, and i got together to do a collaborative photo shoot (screw hurricane sandy!).
myself and daphne were behind the lens, using my canon 5d mark ii. we were also the minds behind wardrobe styling and overall direction while alex played the part as the beautiful model and posed for us stunningly.
we awoke at 9am groggily and readied ourselves for the trek through the heavy rain (or should i say "squalls") and wind over to daphne's apartment a few blocks away. upon arriving, we really only got started at 10:30am. there was a lot of jank use of lighting equipment and stumbling around the living room and kitchen, messy as they were, but in a perfectly lived-in way that's every photographer's dream. as we became more comfortable and "in the zone", the shoot progressed until 1:30pm, right before the campus dining hall closed. then we grabbed a quick bite and ended that part of the day with full bellies.
a few snaps to close this post as well, as i hope you will be excited by this sneak peek and what's to come!


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