(left) i.D. pre-fall 2012 magazine / (right) kafka on the shore by haruki murakami

my two new reads i bought as a good-bye present to myself. yes, i am back in baltimore!
after being in new jersey for a whopping 10 days of fall break due to a weird class schedule that allowed me to accomplish this, i am now in the comfort of my dorm room too comfortable to be responsible. all my roommates are in some way or other doing their homework right now (one is online-shopping though i think), except me and i feel a little unprepared. not like there isn't any work for me to do--- because there most certainly is, but i don't wannaaaaa!

i've chosen to lay in bed reading i.D. from cover to cover, since kafka and napping had me preoccupied for the most part of the train ride. here are some loud pages that really got my attention. i love the "youthful" theme so much! isn't this what youth is?: exaggerated expressions, flaunting what you got (if it's a hot bod or an amazing wardrobe), and colors, colors, colors! i am so into it!

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