a long time ago jessie and i were on the bullett magazine ipad app reading their sin issue, and came across a blank postcard on the last page. it was an invitation for readers to draw on it, screenshot it, then send it back to bullett. needless to say, we were enthusiastic about this fun little interaction. we were also lucky enough that bullett was "super stoked by [our] dragon" (as written in the e-mail) and posted our silly creation to their facebook page! but man oh man, we should've signed it with our names.

when all kinds of e-readers were coming onto the market, i was against them at first. i love the tangibility of a real magazine or book; just the weight alone is comfort to me that they're not going to suddenly disappear if i lose all my data to an itunes update. and turning pages? totally into it. but the bullett magazine app is something i highly recommend. they've taken their electronic accessibility to the next level: i'm talking about the use of translucent photos, shiny effects, gifs, full videos, sound effects, and i'm sure there is only more to come. each magazine is only $2.99, so while you sacrifice pages (or save trees depending on how you look at it) for pixels, you are still totally getting something worth reading.

ps. who else can't wait for the surreal issue with elle fanning on the cover?!

(bullett designers brady gunnell and jack becht giving our postcard the thumbs up)

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