now i realize we are already in the middle of winter, but christmas is just around the corner--- perhaps it's time to ask for a winter coat upgrade? new styles are out, old styles are getting renovated, and i'm choosing favorites!

winter 2012 coat guide

 (shop: asos longline washed parka)

(shop: topshop mongolian lined camo parka)

well i just have to start with the parka, the most basic but consistently popular coat of the season. it's rugged, it's cool, and most importantly it's warm. parkas hold a real place in my heart because of all these reasons; i dress to be comfortable, and these guys' thickness and length are perfect for me! i've chosen the asos longline washed parka and topshop mongolian lined camo parka as my top two choices for this winter. while the asos version is your standard looking parka, i have no other defense than the fact that i am still really drawn to that look! the topshop parka is rather special though, i love that sheepskin fur lining that runs down the entire length of the jacket. it just screams "warmth" and since camo's never going out of style, why not?

 (from left to right: balenciaga fall/winter 2012, chloe resort 2013, jil sander fall/winter 2012)

 (lana del rey in a camel-colored wrap coat, photos from fuckyeahlanadelrey)

 (shop: dawn levy piper wrap coat)

 (shop: topshop boutique wool mac coat)

wrap coats have dominated this winter's fashion, and i am all for them. the chic luxurious air that comes with wearing a wrap coat is undeniable. something very "rich city-dwelling older woman" about it, don't you think? i love the soft, beautifully natural colors that are often associated with this style, too. lana del rey knows they're a hit, photographed above in a very casual ensemble. ugh, she is perfection! can i say it enough? while both the dawn levy piper and topshop boutique wrap coat options are on the vastly pricier side, i would highly recommend thrifting. i would bet my money on a few of these coats floating around right about now.

(left: celine prefall 2011, right: celine fall 2011)

 (all celine fall/winter 2012)

 (shop: forever21 flat lapel coat)

 (shop: american apparel unisex long wool coat)

the boxy oversized coat has really received mixed reviews since coming onto the scene. true, they aren't exactly the sexiest of outerwear, but celine's continuously bringing it back, so that's gotta mean something right? there's that saying "don't judge a book by it's cover", but when applied to this situation, i say "just look at the book" and by book, i mean the coat. these coats boast their volume and menswear-inspired look; this isn't about playing peekaboo with some scandalous dress underneath, it's all about that structured tailoring that turns heads. and now that our "normal people" brands are coming around, i could not be happier. i've already mentioned my love for the american apparel long wool coat, and i'm still waiting for that to be in my closet. the forever21 rendition has quite a nice look to it, though. i immensely enjoy the small triangular cut-outs of the lapels on the coat.

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