welcome to my winter break.
thank god that the hell that was finals is now over for good! i'm back home snuggled up in bed with my laptop (lol) waiting for my mom to tell me it's dinner time. ahh, just like old times.

here's another present to myself: the maison martin margiela x h&m bodysuit!(!!!!!!!!!!)

i ordered this amazing bodysuit off of ebay for $58 thinking i got a good deal since the in-store selling price was $40, but low and behold look what i discover... it was marked down for half the price. i've since heard that after the collection was made available to the public, not many people were particularly enthused (aka unless you really knew margiela, you didn't care). followed by a low selling rate, much of the merchandise had to have their prices slashed in half. what a world we live in. turning down a maison martin margiela diffusion. tsk, tsk. i'm going to the mall in a couple days to see what our h&m has left. i hope i can grab another couple of items!

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