thursday evening was spent with katie (left) and ali (right) where we baked home-made double-shot mocha chocolate cupcakes and chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie chunks. we talked about our high school days (which were rather noninclusive of each other; we only started hanging out so much after college began!), how people had changed and how they hadn't--- for better or for worse. we dispelled or confirmed each others most memorable rumors, and even dabbled in psychology talk (as ali is minoring in the subject) though katie and i required a lot of simplified language... we even lit some old sparklers katie found in her kitchen cabinet and watched the light grow smaller and smaller, only to suddenly go out.

 today aly (lower left) and i stopped by our local mall to catch up and drink something tasty from starbucks, as we hadn't seen each other since thanksgiving. i never order coffee drinks, only sweet fruity ones, and aly, whom is totally starbucks-obsessed, had a clear order in mind as always. we also looked around for what we could buy each other as christmas presents (yes, right in front of each other; there are no surprises), and we actually did settle on some things! perhaps they'll be revealed in another blog post.
(left: mmm x h&m keyring necklace, black crew-neck sweatshirt, american apparel black riding pants, senso black leather booties/right: mmm x h&m bodysuit/both photos by alyson romanok)

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