part two to my maison martin margiela x h&m-obsessed life:
today one of my best hometown friends paul and i headed up north to the garden state plaza mall, give or take an hour away from where we live. we woke up early and got onto the highway at 10:30am, cleverly avoiding all traffic. not so when we finally reached the plaza though. the parking lot was a mess, and in new jersey road rage is very, very real. after giving the whole parking situation a good run-around, we finally settle on a shitty spot and find ourselves excitedly fast-walking towards the mall entrance.
while the h&m claimed to have "plenty" of the collection for sale, the women's section was in complete disarray and margiela could be found randomly all over the store. the men's section was much tidier, but also strangely hidden away... i'm talking about bags and shoes tucked under tables and into the far back of shelves. why?????????
when we had discovered all the margiela to be had, it was great fun trying everything on. here's what i walked away with:

now here's some big news guys: these iconic heels (size 8, beige, 100% real leather, plexi-lucite heels) are on sale for $200. check out my ebay!

(i'm wearing the keychain necklace and bracelet and oversized black peacoat, all mmm x h&m)

(paul's wearing a two-tone blazer by mmm x h&m)

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