life + outfit of the day

 (view out the bus)
(sean scully exhibit at the philadelphia museum of art)

 (sean scully exhibit cont.)

(marcel duchamp's etant donnes snapped by my cell phone through the peephole)

(the way back)

 (selfie against an unknown piece)

 (left) thrifted college sweatshirt / (right) thrifted oxblood velvet button-up

forever21 pleather pleated skirt

today was spent on an art history class field trip to the philadephia museum of art. the entire trip from start to finish was exhausting and i vow never to do it again, but the art was good, especially the new show "dancing around the bride: cage, cunningham, johns, rauschenberg" (no photographs allowed), the sean scully exhibit, and permanent galleries for favorites like cy twombly (no photographs allowed).

 this hacc sweatshirt is one of the two sweatshirts i picked up from my "thrifty friday" trip. i could not get over the oxblood satin lettering against that heather grey, even if i didn't know what hacc stood for! (it's harrisburg area community college.) i wanted to be casual but of course, with a certain amount of edge and layered my favorite matching oxblood velvet button-up underneath. the peaking collar was just perfect! that was enough color for me at that point, and i kept the rest of my outfit a solid black. it was also lovely to see pleather texture working against velvet, too.

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