soooooooooooo many things have happened this week!!!
it's quiz time my readers, let's see if you're in "the know":

1. which glamorous lady musician released her second album this past tuesday, nov. 13?

(answer: lana del rey, with born to die: paradise edition)

2. which h&m collaboration hit stores today, nov. 15?

(answer: maison martin margiela x h&m)

alright, so that quiz more or less sucked. what, with the blatantly obvious answers and being that these two topics are pretty much all i've been talking about...
but anyways: lana. del. rey. who doesn't love this chick? she's got sweet style, she's got original sound: she's a fashionable and musical force to be reckoned with (just not live, oh well)! i was sosososo so excited when born to die: paradise edition finally came out, and lana's songwriting and music style does not disappoint. go give it a listen if you haven't already!
secondly, i'm so sad to say, but i missed the maison martin margiela x h&m opening today. it turned out the h&m near my campus wasn't even selling the collaboration (thanks hanna for the heads-up before i stupidly headed over there dizzy with sleepiness at 6am). i'm depressed and feel like dying a little, but hey, i've missed a lot of other great collections so i'm trying not to be hung up about it... trying...
ebay's also already tripling the price of these items, so why am i still tempted?

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