if you knew me during my late high-school years into freshman year of college, then you knew i liked to dress up. and when i say "dress up" i mean faux-fur coats with velvet maxi skirts or impractical wide-legged trousers, etc. even a messy sculpture studio class couldn't stop me.
i guess it worked out then, but now i am just like, "what was i thinking?" and along with that thought, i have since then begun to break down my style into what is absolutely necessary and actually comfortable. right now what i want are...:


 (balenciaga fall/winter 2012)

 (kenzo fall/winter 2012)

 (givenchy fall/winter 2011)

and here are some clothing brands that have been true to comfort-with-style for a long time:

 5preview has long been reworking the basic black and white graphic tee, setting up shop right out of the internet and is now a growing brand with multiple seasons' worth of clothes and pop-up shops all around europe and asia. they've done so well, they've even broke into urban outfitters' online catalog. 5preview and i really get along, because of their high black content! i love black, and i love how they use their black graphics in such an understated yet eye-catching way. the hype is well-deserved. price range: $$$

 wildfox couture doesn't need me to advertise it. seen on plenty of celebrities, the girls over at wc have been making comfortable tees and drapey hoodies for a long time. chances are you've seen them on some or other starlet, but just didn't know it was wc behind the effortlessly-cute genius. their many collections also have the best photo shoots accompanying them, making the clothing all the more enticing. price range: $$$

 the orphans arms is a new discovery of mine quite recently. back to that simple, straight-forward graphic, only there's something pleasantly nostalgic or subtly meaningful about the text they use. they are also for sale on asos now! price range: $$

tomorrow (oops, it's 1am, so today rather) i am off to the local thrift store to find some sweatshirts for potential diy'ing and maybe a screen-print or two. how would you diy a plain sweatshirt into something fantastic?

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