thrifty friday

today as promised, i went out to village thrift, the local thrift store right off to the side of my college campus. while nice plain or nerdy-chic sweatshirts were slim pickings (lots of grandma flowers and bird-printed stuff), i did manage two good finds that made the cold walk in 50 degree weather worthwhile.

(burberry vintage trench coat in deep brown)

you can bet i was inwardly freaking out when i came upon this little guy. just flipping through the racks meticulously and rather uninterestedly, i was instantly stopped dead in my tracks when i saw the burberry label. then i noticed the two singular quotation marks and the added on s and began to wonder it's authenticity, especially if i was going to shell out $20. all reading has led me to this ebay guide, which affirmed what i had in my hands was real! just in time as i was on the search for a trench or anorak that would allow me to comfortably layer, unlike my ironically burberry prorsum f/w 2010-knock-off american eagle outfitters coat which does not. a part of me knows i am definitely brand-buying, but a part of me also doesn't give a shit!

(vintage velvet maxi dress in black with gold flower print)

here's another beautiful thing that i can't wait to wear. fully velvet, i'm sure it's going to keep me warm as the weather continues to get colder. the gold flowers and that lovely soft shine that velvet does just gives this dress that much more of a wow-factor. i can't decide if i want to eventually hack this bottom off and make the maxi into a mini, but that's a decision i can make at a later date... what would you do?

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  1. Score! You know if you ever get in a hole you could always sell that jacket on Ebay and make some good cash! ;) And I would hack off the bottom of the dress...would be super cute as a mini with tights and boots. Just my take on it. ;) Good finds!