whenever me and aly meet up, there's always some level of photo-taking that's going to happen. since the arrival of my new black lipstick, we thought we'd both channel that "apathetic high school goth" persona and went around our town snapping pics of each other until the sun went down (which is rather soon these days--- like, 4pm).
it was fun to be in front of the camera (which i never am), then jump behind it, and that's essentially how we worked the entire shoot. aly commented as we wrapped things up at the high school baseball field, that this was the best collaboration we'd ever done. i wholeheartedly agree, there was a certain level of cohesive energy in between us that made the shoot smooth and genuinely enjoyable. we pretty much knew what each other wanted in a shot, even before we were done directing it out loud. needless to say, i'm always up for working with this girl. it's great when the people you're close to share the same interests and taste; life is so much funner.
see the completed series on my website. you can find aly at her tumblr and flickr, too.

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