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right after lunch, me and jessie went to see the local greek festival. it takes place once every year, and it's an easy tradition to keep--- who doesn't want to go out to eat great food? we are all for it.

the only sign we needed! and the people running this festival know it too!

 scouting out which pastries to choose was a painfully delicious decision to make...

 i opted for good ol' baklava.

 there were many jewelry and greek traditional clothing stands. needless to say, i contemplated a ring... or five, but ended up purchasing none.

 baubles were also endless and extremely eye-catching.

every year kids perform traditional dances, which the crowd of majority parents and grandparents enjoy immensely.

 here's lovely jessie herself enjoying some more goodies. i can't remember the name, but they were fried balls of dough dipped in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon on top. that description was pretty enviable, wasn't it?

 (what i wore: nars lipstick in "scarlet empress", urban outfitters clear-framed cat-eye sunglasses, thrifted vintage burberry trench coat in deep brown. thrifted grey sweatshirt, thrifted black maxi dress with gold flower print, thrifted loafers)

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