happy thanksgiving, everyone!
today i spent the day with my mom and cousins' family. we're a tight-knit bunch, so the conversation was pleasant and funny, and there was so much to eat. essentially, after thanksgiving lunch we continued snacking throughout the day until 9 at night. dinner never even officially happened, we were all so stuffed. i'm really, really scared to get onto the scale!
my two cousins and i hung out playing scrabble, watching "the avengers" (which we collectively disliked) and their favorite "naruto" fight scenes on the computer (cannot stress how funny this was). and just like every other time we're together, we have play nintendo 64 super smash bro.s and mario kart/party 3. we dreamed about travelling to australia, japan, and argued about what should be on the menu for next year's thanksgiving. it's 2 to 1 for turkey again!


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