hurray for cyber monday!
literally the worst and best weekend of my life, black friday and cyber monday have been taunting me with their great deals. while black friday i spent no money at all, today i simply could not resist. asos is doing a great sale that involves 30% off of their whole website, including sale items. other online stores such as tobi (40% off store-wide), nasty gal (25% off store-wide), and solestruck (50% off store-wide) are also offering great deals. nonetheless, asos was definitely more in tune with my taste, and whoops, there went any money i had left...

ever since my urban outfitters black jumpsuit ripped in multiple places after constant wear for two years (it was a delicate thin-material-ed thing that i got for $10 on their sale rack), i'd been on the hunt for a replacement. i never did find another one like it, and even now i've never seen a black jumpsuit i liked. this onesie from asos is new, fresh, casually chic and the color is amazing/easy to pair with my largely black wardrobe. and you know what, i'm ready for change, especially if i'm going to be wearing this amazing number!

coveted and finally going to be mine, i am ecstatic over this jacket! if you remember, last time i even dedicated a trending blog post. i already verbally slobbered all over it then, and i'm trying not to repeat myself. this is a great piece for my wardrobe transition into increasing darks and blacks. it literally will go with everything, and those floral embellishments are just the right amount of color.

i've yet to own anything high-low hemmed, and this skirt was ~$6. who would say no to that?

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