welcome to the thanksgiving edition of my blog!
i'm back home in new jersey for the next five days. hitched a ride with nicole whom was also jersey-bound. it's so great coordinating car rides home for any college break, because the pace is just so comfortable and relaxed.

came home to thanksgiving "presents" (aka things i buy for myself but accidentally ship home):

 (nyx "black onyx" lipstick)

i don't know why i've been craving black lipstick, but the craving stuck around so long that i just had to look into what my options were. ultimately, i would've wanted the limited edition mac lipstick in "black knight", but amazon was selling them at $50 a bullet, so i had to pass. no one else except nyx sold pure black, it was always some deep purple variation. it also only cost me $7.50! not in the mood to pussy out, i got my hands on this lipstick and plan to wear it out real soon. watch out jersey, things are going to get awkward.
 (doc martens 2976 chelsea boots)

back in my this vs. that post, i was having a hard time choosing which winter boot to buy. well, i chose the docs! and they are actually heavenly! i was pretty scarred from my first pair (a pewter 1461), which rubbed the back of my heels raw every single time i wore them. these guys are a great change, though. the ankle area is tight enough that my foot stays in place (on the other hand, it does make taking these guys off a little difficult, but hilariously so), and i have no complaints about the toe space, it's a really good fit.

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