me and my roommates are obsessive online-shoppers, and it's serious. i mean, we curl up in each others beds contemplating what to buy and it get's rather emotional when we find something we can't have. it's pretty sad, but i'm also prettyyyy sure all the girls i know love online shopping, too! so who wouldn't want to miss another opportunity? let's forget our financial troubles for a while, ladies (and gents).

i just shopped my first order over at tobi.
usually i'm not into stores that make me have to immediately sign up, but since 2 out my 3 roommates sent me invites, i thought "what the hell" and went for it.
i am so glad i did! tobi's great because it's always 30% off their new arrival items and they give you a 50% discount over your entire order (with certain restrictions, life isn't that grand) the first time around! well, that really put the pressure on me to buy out of necessity, not luxury, and i think i did a good job. nothing my mother would be proud of or anything (once she see's the credit card statement, she'll probably complain to me, "did you really need that????").
nonetheless, here's what i got!:

why?: still on the hunt for the perfect black cardigan! ever since i lost mine semester one of freshman year, i have yet to find a perfect replacement. i dig this cardigan's shape and fit more than it's skull stitch on the back, but i figure i can do something with that, too.

why?: they make me look surprisingly skinny/smooth when i'm not. enough said.

why?: always need a denim button-up in your closet. such a staple piece, and this time the denim's dark wash is just right. it matches my only two pairs of dark jeans! if you knew me in real life, you know i do the denim-on-denim all the time, even down to my most comfortable pair of toms which is in a nice distressed denim wash, too.

happy shopping!
click here to join tobi through my recommendation (it'll help me get another discount, so if you would be so kind... hehe!).

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